Instant Billboard Music Awards Review: Selena Gomez, "Come & Get It"

As a coronation of her first-ever top ten hit, scored just this week, Selena Gomez gave her second award-show performance of new single "Come & Get It" on the Billboard Music Awards tonight. The performance wasn't terribly different from her MTV Movie Awards rendition of the song just a month or so back--"Like this, but red" was how our Nate Jones aptly described the difference between the two--with the same kind of shiny, billowing set design, the same Bollywood-inspired choreography (though perhaps a bit more ambitious this time with the choreography and number of dancers),  and again with Selena rocking the bindi, along with her otherwise I Dream of Jeannie-inspired getup.

Selena's actual performance of the song was fine, but largely unremarkable. The only real takeaway from this one is that Selena seems a little more comfortable, a little more grown up even, on stage now, clearly an artist that belongs as a headliner on a major award show, and one who knows it. She'll be performing at the Grammys soon enough.


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