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Instant Grammy Review: Black Keys and Dr. John's Preservation Hall Band, "Lonley Boy"

Black Keys or the Foo Fighters: If you're a major award show in the 2010s, you gotta have one of them to make sure that tried-and-true RAWK is properly represented. No Foos album or big singles this year, so it's Black Keys' turn up for their Grammy-winning "Lonely Boy," backed by the eccentric Dr. John's Preservation hall Band, which the Keys probably found very cool and the rest of the Grammys audience probably found very confusing.

As with most Black Keys songs, the simpler the performance the better, so as cool as it was to see Dr. John dressed as some sort of evil yeti, his participation was not really all that helpful to the rendition. Still, the song is so good and catchy and short—and the Keys so reliably energetic—that it's hard to begrudge their presence much. Would've been cool to see the Alabama Shakes perform instead, though, wouldn't it? Maybe in 2014.


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