"America, are you alive out there?" All right, so maybe not the best choice of words there, but this is The Boss, and he only knows how to kick things off one way. "We Take Care Of Our Own" won't be the biggest or best song played tonight, but as far as openers go, it's hard to go too wrong with Bruce Springsteen. "Take Care" was clearly a song meant to be heard live, a huge song with an all-too-rare non-superfluous string section, with an anthemic (if none-too-subtle) chorus that had Paul McCartney singing along, even during the instrumental sections. And after all these years, it still brings a smile to our face to see Bruce and Little Stevie doing their "singing on the same mic / half-making out" thing on the song's climax. YEAH!! WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!!!

"As always, Bruce Springsteen is speaking to our times," host LL Cool J comments of the performance. Sure, why not.