"One minute in and I know this cee lo performance will go down in top 10 grammy performance history," said ?uestlove, and the man was not wrong. The cynical way to look at this would be that it's sort of a live-action Internet meme, like that Escort video (or Joy Division as Legos, kinda), but that would deny the essential wonder and perfection of the whole thing. The stage was set up as the orchestra pit from the Muppet Show, with Cee Lo in full costume as Dr. Teeth, puppet backup singers and all sorts of other things going on it was hard to keep track of. Somehow a pug was involved!

The spectacle was amazing enough that it couldn't even be ruined by CBS's seemingly random censorship, or Gwyneth doing her "black person voice." (Which was more palatable if you thought of her as this week's special guest star, which she kinda has been in pop culture lately, what with the Glee thing and all.) Hopefully there will be an uncensored version on YouTube tout suite, and we can all replay it and replay it and replay it, because it actually happened, and bless Cee-Lo forever and ever. Pop magic!


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