Glen Campbell might not seem like the most timely of one-time stars to do a multi-artist tribute to in the year 2012, but with Campbell embarking upon what will likely be his final tour after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it's something close to now or never with old Glen. Regardless of timeliness, The Band Perry, Blake Shelton and Campbell himself made for a live medley that congealed a whole lot more naturally than Foster the Maroon Beach People, with The Band Perry galloping through an impressively breezy rendition of "Gentle On My Mind" and Blake perhaps giving us a glimpse of his Vegas/Atlantic City future with his worthily old-school performance of "Southern Nights."

To his credit, though, Campbell got the final performance of the three, and still managed to more than hold his own. He sounded good, if a little thinner than he might have singing "Rhinestone Cowboy" back in 1975, and he was still strutting around the stage like he owned the place and shouting out for the crowd to sing along to the chorus. He looked old, but not washed up, and he could probably still put on a hell of a show.

Unfortunately, the Alzheimer's did manifest itself a little after Glen's performance, with him attempting to say something unscheduled to the audience and wondering aloud where he should go afterward. It was a sour note to end on, but it didn't overshadow what was one of the better oldster performances of the evening.