The producers of Muse's Grammy performance were probably the only people besides Mubarak to be disappointed by the recent news in Egypt; what better way to upstage the performance of a doom-and-gloom prog-glam "Uprising" (from their album The Resistance, natch) than a successful (and remarkably peaceful) popular uprising?

The bizarre combination of imposing bank façades and tiled pound-notes on the screens behind the band and dancers dressed as rioters with mock molotov cocktails before and below them, particularly so soon after the recent news, recalled not the plot of Muse's album epic but the Seattle WTO protests (the final historical word on which continues to be contested). So Muse's "Doctorin' the TARDIS"-esque "Uprising" was a bizarrely dull soundtrack to an unintentionally evocative visual presentation. My Chemical Romance do post-apocalyptic glam way better anyway.



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