When Nicki Minaj levitates and Nate Dogg gets shafted in the "In Memoriam" montage, you need a live rendition of The Beatles' Abbey Road medley to help you make sense of it all. Paul McCartney took the stage for the second time tonight to close out the show, beginning at an elevated piano with the chords of "Golden Slumbers." Flaunting suspenders and exaggerated vibrato on the song's titular words, Macca's band was tight, moving through "Carry That Weight" and "You Never Give Me Your Money" with the familiarity of your own personal best Rock Band performance. In effort to add some live show excitement, McCartney's switch to guitar was shadowed by Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl—the latter really making the most of all the spotlight this year's ceremony has chosen to give him—and suddenly it became a bunch of dudes jamming, man. The temporary threesome shredded back and forth, and Grohl offered his best Macca impression behind the man himself during the final words of "The End," struggling to contain the excitement that all 13-year-olds get the first time they hear and/or play the medley all the way through. No elaborate staging was needed and there was no drastic retooling of the original composition; sometimes classics are classics for a reason.