A collaboration between Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh some four decades ago might have meant an eight-minute jam on "Let Me Roll It" or "Rocky Mountain Way," but these days, it means a string-and-piano-laden performance of "My Valentine," one of the few original songs on McCartney's recent classic pop cover album, My Valentine. The performance was still a very solid, stately classy affair—aside from a couple absolutely ludicrous Joe Walsh Guitar Faces—and the song is as strong as any McCartney has written in recent years, every bit the match of "It's Only a Paper Moon" or "The Glory of Love." (Well, probably anyway—give it 60 years or so.)

McCartney got one of the biggest ovations of the night for his performance, and deservedly so. About to enter his eighth decade, and his sixth in the business, dude still gets it done with authority.