Instant "Idol" Review: Jessica Sanchez, "Change Nothing"

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After years of conservative-leaning implications, "Change Nothing" sounds like it might be Idol's first foray into the world of reactionary politics, but alas, it's another love ballad. You can pretty much guess most of it from the title—I love you, you're imperfect, don't change—but there's a little complexity to it lyrically, it'd probably sound great at the end of Con Air or Armageddon, and considering the low bar of Idol originals, it could be worse, probably. (Not the most effusive of reviews, perhaps, but you guys remember "Inside Your Heaven"? "No Boundaries"? Nobody's exactly expecting "Like a Prayer" with these songs.)

Sanchez is predictably game for the MOR ballad, getting low and high at the appropriate moments with the clean, mechanical excellence she's demonstrated throughout the hour, and looking like she's almost almost about to cry before the final chorus. Oddly, after the performance is over, each of the three judges take Jessica to task for the song itself, saying they were hoping for something more "urban." Um, were they watching the first two performances? Have they heard an Idol original song before? Did they think she was gonna come out in Beyoncé spandex and burst into "Single Ladies"? Whatever, guys.