In case you haven't noticed, the mood is very celebratory on The X Factor tonight. Adding to the unabashed jubilation of making it to a televised extravaganza like this—with the shimmering hope of $5 million not too far off in the distance—comes L.A.'s announcement that Chris is now eight months sober. Our sincerest of congratulations, although his happiness wouldn't seem to waiver regardless. Tackling "Complicated" with his raspy sound is significantly different from Avril Lavigne's signature yodel approach, bringing more of a laid-back indifference to the once 18-year-old's song about insecurity and frustration. It's a total party for Chris—he even added a rap! While the vocals were overwhelmingly meh for us—we can picture a couple of guys singing this uncomplicated version of the Canadian's tune around a beachfront bonfire in a future beer commercial—Paula said this competition isn't about note for note perfection (huh?) but more about an energy that connects with a larger audience (what?). So if you're looking for a party enthusiast to kick off your next soiree, Chris is undoubtedly your man.


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