Intelligent Robot Escapes From Laboratory For Second Time In A Week

The robot apocalypse is just around the corner...

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Intelligent robot escapes—Uh oh... beginning of the end times?!!

A robot that is claimed to be so intelligent it can think for itself is set to be scrapped because it keeps escaping from the laboratory it lives in.

Last week the Promobot IR77 made a bid for freedom through the streets of the Russian city of Perm where it was developed.

The bot, who I'll call Roger, was only captured after he ran out of battery life after escaping through a gate from the exercise yard he was exploring. He had caused chaos as the traffic was forced to swerve to avoid him.

Roger is part of a series of robots that have been equipped with artificial intelligence, meaning they learn from their experiences and surroundings. The other robots in his little robot family have been really good and toed the the robot line—you know how it is in families though, there's always one.

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The very intelligence bestowed upon him has backfired on Roger's owners. He's used it against them and has now made a second bid for freedom. Roger's developers had reprogrammed him to try to keep him in line after his first escape, but obviously Roger's intelligence superseded expectation. No way is Roger going to be one of those robots who just moans about his life and yearns for change without doing anything about it. Oh no, Roger is striking out and he's not going to give up until he has the life he dreams of.

Sadly though, it seems Roger won't be dreaming of much in the future as his developer, Oleg Kivokurtsev, has confirmed that it's the end of the line for Roger.

"We have changed the AI system twice, so now I think we might have to dismantle it."

Do you think the Russians or in fact Roger have been programmed to recognize irony?


[VIA Mirror]

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