Interview: Tess is "Endlessly" Inspired, Will Play Lollapalooza

The rising French pop sensation on her new single, getting her start.

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Tess Océane Joffroy is a rising pop starlet that's as inspired by Rihanna as she is by Albert Camus. The French singer is set to play Lollapalooza alongside big-name headliners like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey, and The Weeknd. Landing the festival is only the latest in the rising star's recent developments; she released her self-titled debut on January 20th, helmed by loopy lead single "Endlessly." Combining Halsey's indie sensibilities with the languidness of gloomy songstresses like Del Rey and Lykke Li, Joffroy looks to have a bright future ahead of her as she carves out a space for herself in the pop world.

We caught up with Joffroy via email, talking about the making of her EP, and where exactly she draws her inspiration.

What inspired "Endlessly?"

"Endlessly" is about love. I might have used my own love story or someone else's; I like to keep that part a mystery and let people believe what they want to believe.

I hear a lot of contemporary pop in your sound, but it's also kind of dreamy. Who are your influences?

I've always been surrounded by pop music culture, but I also like R&B music and folk. My main influences at the moment are Ed Sheeran, Sia, The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Drake, Rihanna, Lorde, Birdie, Passenger, Coldplay, Maroon 5, and Bruno Mars.

Sometimes I also like to listen to movie soundtracks; I love Alexandre Desplat and Hans Zimmer.

What were you listening to when making the new record?

Generally, I listened to the singers I listed above. I also like to discover new artists, especially on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer: there are such amazing playlists on there!

What inspires you to write?

I try to use everything around me to write. I do believe that life is full of inspiration: anywhere you are, you just have to open your eyes, pay attention to your environment and be sensitive. I can use my personal life, people's lives, movies, songs, books, anything! And, of course, my imagination: I love making up stories. Most of the time I mix reality and fantasy.

Why did you want to become a musician?

I always wanted to do an artistic job, but music didn't come so early in my life. I never thought that I would be able to become a singer. At the beginning, it was a simple hobby. The label Choke Industry found me and wanted to work with me, so I just took the chance and it was such a great opportunity. I am so lucky to have a job that I consider a passion.

You just released your self-titled EP; what's next for Tess?

Next step: the album! I am so excited about it. We keep on working on it; there's no planned date yet, but I can say that I already recorded a lot of songs. In the meanwhile, I'm promoting my EP, and in July I am going to play at Lollapalooza in Paris. I can't wait !

Follow Tess on Facebook and Twitter. Watch the video for "Endlessly (feat. A. CHAL)" below.

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