Interview: THRILLERS dance themselves clean

The exciting duo of synth rock brothers is releasing their debut this week

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A thrilling new duo attempts to break free.

Brothers Greg and Jeremy Pearson, better knownTHRILLERS, hail from sunny California, but their music would not feel out of place in the dark recesses of a night club in Prague. Still relatively new, they've been touring incessantly with indie pop dance party collective DANCE YOURSELF CLEAN, bringing their particularly sexy brand of synth pop to the masses. The brothers are set to release their debut album Break Free on May 26, a record that promises to be as packed with sensuality and freedom as it is with four-on-the-floor beats. Keep an eye on these two as they position themselves for global dance floor domination.

Popdust caught up with the Pearson brothers via email for a thrilling bull session about the band's origins, feeding off the crowd's energy, and why they chose such an electrifying name.

How did THRILLERS form?

Greg Pearson: We're blood brothers, so we've been creating since forever. It wasn't until my younger brother Jeremy graduated high school and I brought him a Fender Strat as a graduation present that I knew we were meant to be in a band together.

How did the North American tour you just wrapped up go?

Jeremy Pearson: The tour with DANCE YOURSELF CLEAN was simply amazing. We played 14 different cities to mostly sold-out crowds; it's a feeling like no other. Philadelphia and Toronto were by far my favorites, but we got a lot of love everywhere. We just fed off of the energy of the people, it was like a non-stop party vibe.

What was your most electrifying performance of the tour?

GP: A good friend of ours' dad had passed away while on the road, and my brother dedicated a guitar solo performance to him and his family. It was a very spiritual moment for us all. That night our tour stop was Chicago, and we just felt honored and blessed to be able to share our gifts. You could feel the energy in the room.

Describe your sound.

GP: Our sound is all-encompassing.

JP: It's electro-funk, alternative Soul, synth-pop, R&B. It's a pure form of self expression. Free Pop!

What do you want people to take away from your music?

JP: We want to send a message of love that doesn't alienate anyone in the process.

GP: We want people to be ok with themselves, accept others for who they are and "Break Free" from any hindrance they may have. "Love thy neighbor."

So, why the name THRILLERS?

JP: Everyone wants a thrill, it's a memory that's embedded in your brain forever. People can always tell a story of that stimulating time in their lives. We want our music to be remembered with the same feeling of that excitement. We want people to feel an adrenaline rush while listening to us.

Follow THRILLERS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pre-order Break Free, and watch the video for "Heat" below.

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