Is Amal Clooney A Monster Or Just A Wife From Hell?


After being called a jealous monster and a Wife-From-Hell by the National Enquirer, Amal Clooney has taken a sabbatical from photo ops, and who can blame her?

There she was, minding her own business, sort of, waltzing around in new designer outfits wherever there was a camera, when suddenly she seems to have stopped leaving the mansion house.

Could the headlines have hurt Amal's feelings or has she gone back to hell?

Let's try to separate fact from fiction, no easy task when you're dealing with tabloids.

Jealous Monster: So far, no evidence. We've read that Amal hates Cindy Crawford but that seems unlikely. Does she hate George's BFF, Randee Gerber? If so, it hasn't stopped the two men from going on their very special motorcycle trips together. So let's dismiss this charge as fiction.

Control Freak: Doubtful. If Amal were a control freak, she wouldn't let George look like such a slob when they dine out together, and she wouldn't let her trampy sister get in on the paparazzi photos. Let's give her a pass on this one too.

Outrageous Diva Demands: Guilty, your honor! Just look back on all those designer outfits, the tab for which must be astronomical. Not to mention all that frantic mugging for the cameras every time she appears in public. Let's throw the book at her for this one.

Violent Tantrums: If only, right? But there is no corroborating evidence of this behavior, even from her colleagues or former schoolmates. At best, she seems to sulk when things don't go her way, especially in court hearings and in the back of George's limo. Again, let's rule innocent.

Now we are left with the 'Wife From Hell' charge.

You know, what wife isn't from hell if you're George Clooney?

The man swore that marriage wasn't for him and he seemed to mean it. Every year or two, he found a cocktail waitress or model and then traded her in for another one.

He had all the time in the world to hang out with Randee and give his opinion on Darfur. He made his movies and seemed poised to become a satisfied lifelong bachelor, maybe even a future candidate for some political office.

But then, Amal.

Now, he's in the hole for about a zillion dollars and can never succeed in politics given his wife's family connections. Anyone who expects a baby from Mr. and Mrs. Clooney is probably hoping to meet the Easter Bunny this spring.

However, to be fair, there are probably worse wives to have (hi, Angelina Jolie!)

I'm going to take a risk and put my money on Wife From Hell, or purgatory if you want to be generous.

What's your verdict, Popdust jury?