The Lakers' Ron Artest is releasing a mixtape in honor of NBA All-Star Weekend, and yesterday he "leaked" a track that's been out since last year and doesn't even feature him. Apparently he was too busy playing himself to realize there's a new rapping b-baller on the web—and she's the first to showcase any sort of talent as an MC since, well, Shaquille O'Neal. Meet Babi Mac:

"I'll replace your favorite rapper," she boasts, and while that's a bit of a stretch, she's certainly got some talent. The "Coconut Water" beat, a passable Bangladesh knockoff, is from North Philly rapper Cyssero's single featuring sometime Dipset affiliate Vado, and was only played out for the first time on Saturday (though this preview existed a week earlier).  So she and the rest of Tennessee's Swiperboy crew may be relative unknowns, but they're by no means clueless when it comes to the underground rap game. And by extension, this video hasn't exactly been cooking for months—it must have been fired off fairly quickly, which also speaks to Babi Mac's talents.

Speaking of which, Babi Mac was no slouch on the basketball court either. Before suffering a knee injury that required surgery in late 2007, she played a full season with the top-ranked University of Tennessee Lady Vols, who would go on to win the 2007 National Tournament. (She put up her best post-season numbers against Drake, fittingly enough.)

Tennessee born and raised, a champion Lady Vol, and a rapper? Your move, Jacquie Fernandes.