Demi Lovato has been in the entertainment industry long enough to know that to stay ahead of the curve she has had to take control over her own career. That's exactly what she's done up to this point, especially on her rumored new single "Really Don't Care," according to reports.

Lifted from her Demi set, the powerhouse vocalist charges full steam ahead on this perfectly sunbaked summer anthem. The fact that the sassy Cher Lloyd is a featured performer on the track makes it that much better. But is it the right single? "Nightingale" or even "Something That We're Not" would have been great entries, following "Heart Attack," "Made In The USA" and "Neon Lights"--the latter is a seriously underrated song that should have went No. 1 on the Hot 100, but I digress.

Despite not reaching the dizzying heights of "Give Your Heart A Break" from her Unbroken era, Lovato is doing plenty to stay on everyone's minds these days, including recent guest appearances on Glee and American Idol. Of course, her Neon Lights Tour is doing wonders for her, too.

Regardless, all signs pointed to the Demi era being grain of salt and all that, Lovatics.


Take a listen to "Really Don't Care" (if you've seriously yet to witness the gem) now:

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