Is Jay Park's "JOAH" The Cutest Urban Single of 2013?

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Seattleite-turned-K-pop superstar, Jay Park, has returned to the music scene with a new single called "JOAH." One of its b-sides, "1HUNNIT," -- a heavy slice of hood-hop featuring Jay's pal and longtime collaborator, Dok2-- was released earlier this week to give fans a taste of Jay's street side, but the fluffy title track is where the money's really at.

Like many of Jay's previous commercial singles, "JOAH" is rooted firmly in mainstream American R&B. Think Ne-Yo, B.o.B, and Bruno Mars, but about a billion times cuter. You don't even need to understand the song's Korean-language lyrics to let out a big "awww" when listening to it.

The b-boy and occasional scandal-maker definitely isn't the first person to spring to mind when talking about sweet cute K-pop jams, but JYP Entertainment clearly trained him well, because Jay really knows how to turn on the kind of adorable charm that's usually reserved for boy bands like B1A4 and TEEN TOP. In fact, Jay comes off as much more genuine and naturally charismatic than most male K-pop acts, which is likely a result of him being outside of the idol system and operating as his own artist, rather than just being the creation of a record label.

"JOAH" has been performing well on the digital charts since its release (it's currently No. 6 on the instiz real-time iChart) and looks set to be another hit for the 25-year-old. Since leaving 2PM, Jay's carved out quite a successful solo career, topping the GAON charts with all of his albums released to date, acting in movies and TV, touring internationally, and most recently, moving into variety show work.

Check out "JOAH" below.

"JOAH" is available on iTunes now.