Is Jennifer Aniston A Bad Influence On Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston a bad influence on Justin Theroux? His friends think so...

Justin Theroux has been trying for years to get Jennifer Aniston to curb her drinking.

Yeah, good luck with that buddy.

He reportedly even pressed her to have a non-alcoholic wedding when they got hitched last August.

But for wine-loving Jen, that was simply out of the question.

All of Aniston’s friends assumed Justin would be a great influence on her, but it appears the exact opposite is true.

Not only did Justin fail at getting Jen to cut back on drinking, she’s gotten him to fall off the wagon!

A source tells Popdust exclusively:

Justin was sober for years. He used to be a really heavy partier but got his act together a few years back.

He took his sobriety very seriously and most of his close friends are sober, too.

Justin would even try to limit going to bars or parties where alcohol was being served, and preferred to hang out over coffee than beers.

However, since getting with Aniston, it's been a case of “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” for the 44-year-old actor.

The source says:

Justin realized he wasn’t going to change her, so instead of nagging her, decided to start drinking again too.

It’s just such a part of Jen’s lifestyle. She loves her wine, she loves jetting off to Cabo and drinking margaritas.

Justin was starting to get sick of being the only sober one in the room, so he started drinking with her and her friends.

Which, is something Aniston’s pals may be happy about, but is something that’s causing concern among Theroux's circle of friends.

Justin’s friends don’t like Jen. They think she’s funny and charming, but they think she’s been a really bad influence on him.

Justin quit drinking for a reason—it was becoming a problem. And it probably won’t be too long before it becomes a problem again, but Jen doesn’t seem to even consider—or care—about that.

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