Is Ke$ha a Vampire Now? Probably Not, But She Did Drink Blood From a Human Heart

It's Halloween, so of course it's only natural to ask—What's Ke$ha up to? When last we heard from the "TiK ToK" singer she was releasing a new single and bragging about having sex with ghosts, so this is sort of an important day for her. And, we're in luck: Ke$ha is apparently still on her supernatural tick, telling the British press that she spent her time off drinking blood from a human heart. Spooky!

From the NME:

Elsewhere, Ke$ha claims she drank blood from a human heart on stage in Sidney. "That was real," she says. "I did it on stage in Sydney. I think I was hanging out with Alice Cooper too much. I was just really inspired to do it. There wasn’t a very good reason behind it."

Is Ke$ha a vampire? Who's to say! We have some logistical questions, though. Where'd she get the heart? Was it human blood? Did the tasting the crimson sweetness on her lips make Ke$ha feel more beautiful and powerful than she'd ever imagined? These are important things to ask, Brits.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ke$ha reveals that a crazed stalker once sent her a bloody knife through the mail. That's crazy! Maybe she should become a vampire after all; after an encounter like that, she'd be forgiven if she wanted to "Undie Young."

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