There's a reason people are shocked when they find out Carly Rae Jepsen is 26: Her output so far has been perfect sugary slices of teen pop, made more to soundtrack intense crushing sessions than any real makeout sessions.

Jepsen's new single "This Kiss" isn't a departure by any means—it's three minutes of catchy '80s-style electro-pop—but the song shows a hint of darkness that "Call Me Maybe" lacked. For one, our girl might be cheating:

And she's a real sweet girl

And you know I've got a boy

Details we both forgot to mention

The rest of the lyrics share a similar moral ambivalence: CRJ knows she shouldn't want to kiss this dude, but his lips are just "undeniable." (His heart, though, is "unreliable.") The hook here isn't on the same level of "Call Me Maybe" because that would be impossible, but it comes close! Combine that with the emotional depth on display, and "This Kiss" is a good omen for Jepsen's pop future.