Is Sarah Palin Transitioning, And What About The Fake Tan?

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Watching the SNL 40 show, one had to ask about Sarah Palin, 'Is she transitioning or is she just looking manly?'

While all the attention has been directed at Bruce Jenner, Mrs. Palin is the image of a woman who has once been a man, or vice versa. Maybe she's just not  keeping up the Botox.

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Meanwhile, social media was abuzz with disapproval of her dress, which her daughter Bristol had been photographed wearing four years ago.

Other astute Palin watchers noticed that she seemed to have forgotten to wash her hands after applying a fake tanning product.

It's always fun to have Sarah Palin to kick around, isn't it? She is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks, Sarah, and wash those hands!



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