Is Selena Gomez' New Baby Sister the Next Selena Gomez?

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Selena Gomez just inherited a new sister by way of her mom giving birth to a baby!

The 20-year-old singer's mother Mandy Cornett—who made our coveted list of the "Hottest Pop Star Moms and Dads in the Game" list—and husband Brian Teefey welcomed a little girl into the world last night. Selena's on-again BFF Demi Lovato couldn't contain herself:


Now, look, we know it's a little too soon to call, but we're feeling very *right* about a certain premonition: Selena Gomez' sister is almost definitely "The Next Selena Gomez." Wait, wait, hear us out...

1. She shares half of Selena's genetic makeup.


2. She received "Selena Vibes" from Selena before she was even born.

Selena Gomez/Twitter


3. Selena has just revealed that she would go nude on film, and her sister was born without clothes.


4. She's got youth on her side.


5. She's never had a famous boyfriend to distract her.


6. Like her sister, she doesn't really have an identity yet.


Our case is as rested as we hope mother and baby are. Get ready for big things from this anonymous youngster!


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