Isaac Mizrahi And QVC Host Arguing If Moon Is Planet Or Star Is EVERYTHING!

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QVC has never been known for its intellectual discourse and in-depth, thought provoking discussions—because, DUH! It’s a home shopping channel!

Having whiled away more than my fair share of [admittedly, VERY STONED] time staring at the TV over the years, luxuriating in the glorious ridiculousness of someone waxing lyrical about a mini dust buster for literally hours on end—or some poor bastard attempting to whip up a buyers’ frenzy over a few thousand, cheap and nasty looking, LIMITED EDITION replica Princess Diana engagement rings—I can attest to the fact that, when it comes to conversation, you really do not get much more inane and banal than that uttered by a QVC host.

And yet, every now and then, when you very least expect it, QVC goes and serves up some pure, fabulous, amazing televisual comedic gold—albeit unintentionally—as evidenced in the video below.

In the short clip we get to revel in the awesomeness of an argument between fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and a QVC host, over whether the moon is a planet, or, a star.

[NOTE—It is neither… is a satellite of the (actual planet) Earth..]

But, let’s not get all geophysical and shizz, instead, let’s enjoy the debate—which kicks off after the host comments on how one of the (absolutely HIDEOUS) tops she’s attempting to flog to any totally style-immune viewers out there in the good ol’ US of A.

“It almost looks like what the Earth looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away….from the planet moon,” the host muses.

“Yeah, I just squinted at it, and you’re right….from the planet Moon,” Mizrahi agrees, before somewhat wistfully repeating, “the planet moon…”

“Isn’t the moon a star?” The host asks.

“No, the moon is a planet darling,” Mizrahi replies in a fabulously bitchy, patronizing manner.

“The sun is a star…is the moon really a planet?” The confused host counters.

“The moon is a planet honey…..” Mizrahi reiterates (see above for the manner in which he delivers his edict.)

“Don’t look at me like that! The sun is a star…” the host replies defensively, clearly feeling she is having the piss taken out of her.

“Its a PLANET!” Mizrahi insists.

“Is the sun not a star?” Asks the poor host.

“I don’t know what the sun is…..” Mizrahi starts, before the ever-tenacious host interjects, “The sun is a star, isn’t it?!!”

“I don’t know what the sun is…” Mizrahi repeats.

“The sun IS a star” The host insists (correctly!)

“The sun IS a star,” Mizrahi concedes.

“The moon is NOT a planet! I knew it!” The host declares triumphantly.

“The MOON IS A PLANET!” Mizrahi argues, like a rabid dog with a bone.

“I KNEW IT! You were trying to take me down that road! The moon is NOT a planet!” The host says smugly.

“NO!” Mizrahi insists.

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