Isaiah Toothtaker's Poorly Timed "Intruder"

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Isaiah Toothtaker's "Intruder" is striking and sort of fun—stop-snitching horrorcore over a Sleigh Bells over-compression of the North Carolina A&T Marching Band's cover of the "Bed Intruder" tune. And the video, co-edited by LA collage filmmaker Walter Gross, plays up Toothtaker's threats of violence by including clips from Mark Hejnar's 1996 compilation-of-the-vile Affliction that include a rant from "Full Force Frank," the notorious publisher of an autobiographical zine about a planned massacre (who provided Hejnar footage of himself, and his many guns, in place of an interview). Toothtaker has many Los Angeles connections—which include Gross, beat producer Jacob Safari, and the Machina Muerte to which he belongs—but he's from Tucson, Arizona. So the video, which begins with a segment of Full Force Frank's rant, is more than a little chilling.


It's almost certainly a coincidence that the video premiered so soon after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others were gunned down in a parking lot in Toothtaker's hometown; in all likelihood, it was uploaded as soon as it was completed, since his debut Illuminati Thug Mafia comes out January 25. (Or at least, one would like to think so.) Nevertheless, the inclusion of Full Force Frank amidst the other violent and gross-out imagery from Affliction makes the video particularly tasteless in light of recent events, and not in a way that enhances its "edge."

Toothtaker is definitely an artist to watch in the hate-rap moment—which also includes Odd Future and, to an extent, Rick Ross hypeman Gunplay—and his collaboration Humansuit with fellow Machina Muerte MC Mestizo is also highly anticipated. But this might not be the best week to watch "Intruder." (So bookmark it and come back later!)


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