Israeli Guy Files Restraining Order Against 'Interfering' God

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Israeli restraining order God just won't stop interfering—get him out of my life—STAT!

Ya know when you’re so pissed off and you just wanna say “Godammit!”

Well, maybe you wouldn’t say “Godammit,” because you’re not a crotchety old man.

You’d probably say something like “What the fucking fuck,” but the sentiment would be the same.

David Shoshan, a pissed off Israeli, took that sentiment all the way to a court of law when he attempted to issue a restraining order against the Almighty One.

Shoshan doesn’t want God to answer his prayers, and essentially classes the Creator of all things as a trifling menace.

In a report by the Times of Israel, (via HuffPo) Shoshan told the court, in Haifa, that God has been very negative toward him over the last 3 years.

He’s sick and tired of it. He’s demanding that God stop interfering in his life.

According to court documents, God did not attended the hearing.

Shoshan revealed that he has made many attempts to obtain the restraining order through the police department, but only received 10 police visits over a 36-month period.

The lack of police interest forced him to present his grievance to the court.

The presiding judge, Ahsan Canaan, was unsympathetic to Shoshan’s plight however.

Judge Canaan threw out Shoshan’s request and called it absurd.

He went on to suggest that Shoshan get help from someone besides local law enforcement.

This isn’t the only time G-Money got dissed in court this year.

In January, a group of atheists filed a suit to remove ‘In God We Trust’ from U.S. Currency.

Attorney Michael Newdow filed suit in federal court in Ohio on behalf of 49 atheist plaintiffs that claimed the phrase is a violation of the First Amendment.

When reached for comment, God told Popdust, "Call Kanye. He handles all my media inquiries."

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Israeli restraining order God just won't stop interfering

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Israeli restraining order God just won't stop interfering

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Israeli restraining order God just won't stop interfering

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