Maybe it's all that Lil Twist's fault. Bieber's new best friend was the guy driving The Bieb's car when that paparazzo was killed, now he's at the party where Justin Bieber gets snapped smoking what most would take an educated guess to be weed. Either he's a bad influence, or maybe he's just bad luck.

Anyway, yeah, Biebs was captured by TMZ at a Newport Beach hotel enjoying some less-than-legal adult entertainment, while Twist and his brother "were rolling all the blunts and smoking everyone up." With a source apparently on the scene, TMZ says the conversation "eventually turned to late night fast food ... and where they could get it" and that a girl, not Selena Gomez, ended up crashing with Bieber at the hotel.

This is all incredibly scandalous, of course—not for a normal 19-year-old, for which this would rank as an unextraordinary college night, but for Bieber, who many fans would like to stay a well-behaved, angel-faced teenager forever, it at least ranks as some sort of malfeasance. Is 2013 the year that Bieber goes Dark? Perhaps Believe Acoustic will hold the answers.