It Looks Like 'Not a Bad Thing' Is Justin Timberlake's Next Single

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The last thing we heard about a new single from Justin Timberlake was back in November when he was hinting that "Can't Drink You Away" would see an official release. Clearly that never happened, but now it looks like "Not a Bad Thing" will serve as the next single from part two of The 20/20 Exprience. According to All Access, the acoustic number has just been sent to Top 40 radio, Rhythmic, and various AC formats.

"Not a Bad Thing" is an easy one to miss on 20/20 --it's the final song on the album, and it clocks in at over 11 minutes because it's paired with a hidden track-- but it's not a bad single choice at all. It's safe without being generic, with a sound that'll work on multiple radio formats. It also has a little '90s vibe to it, like a long lost 'N Sync demo that JT dusted off and re-recorded.

You can expect to see JT perform the single some time next week when he serves as one of the musical guests during Jimmy Fallon's first week as the new host of the Tonight Show.

What do you think of the choice?

[Via ATRL]

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