Old Navy has become a safe haven for '90s heartthrobs who want to remind their album-buying fans that they're still on the performance grind. Jordan Knight starred as a summertime songbird for the retailer during the warmer months, and all five members of the Backstreet Boys lent themselves to jeans commercial earlier this year. Now the NKOTB (and at times, NKOTBSB) star is teaming up with his pals in Boyz II Men to ring in the holidays in the cheesiest way possible. But first, legendary soul singer Johnny Mathis wants to read you a bedtime story.

Knight is here to convince bland mom and dad that the holiday season is always better in cozy fair isle sweaters and plaid button downs. Don't get it twisted! Sure, it might seem weird that he's stormed into a home uninvited, but he's doing your Christmas list a favor, kids.

If you need more proof that the holiday shopping season is truly alive and well, please direct your attention to Three Wise Boyz II Men, who are bringing all kinds of enviable gifts along with their signature falsetto.

See? Boy bands aren't back, they never actually left.