"Oh baby let's get naked, just so we can make sweet love." That's the first lyric and also the hook to Chris Brown's new Fortune preview "Sweet Love," which is really a pretty accurate introduction to a song that pretty much checks all the "sex ballad" boxes, from the promises to "go downtown" to the rhythm-of-love chugging beat to assurances that "baby, I know what to do." The production saves the song from being completely rote, with a bed of swirling synths and some Purple Rain-style percussion providing some interesting texture to Breezy's loverman affirmations, and...well, at least there are no bed-wetting lyrical conceits in this one. That was a little much.

If you can listen to "Sweet Love" without picturing Brown scowling intimidatingly the entire time, it might be legitimately seductive. Tough one for us.