Is X Factor fatigue getting to you? Can't stand the ostentatious home of Sir Simon Cowell, and obviously rented faux Santa Barbara estate of Ms. Scherzinger? We think we have your solution. It's time to officially get excited about Season 11 of the grandaddy of all music competition shows, American Idol. Take a trip to Mr. Seacrest's neighborhood, in which we reunite with all the friendly faces, including a half aware Randy Jackson, who calls out to the kids—ahem—playing and singing in a park. A toe-to-head slow-mo shot introduces Jennifer Lopez, in what looks like wardrobe scraps taken from her Fiat commercial/"Papi" video. Not far down the block is Grandpa Tyler, who wants to prove to the street kids everywhere that he still knows how to rock, man—and artfully wear fringe while doing so. Strangely, these aspiring performers all follow the Big 3, who we're guessing weren't exactly their first or second (or third or fourth) musical idols growing up. Tomatoes, tomatoes. The new season is slated for a 2012 premiere date, but Seacrest has given us the go ahead, so start preparing those prop-bets now. Awkward reference to Lopez-Anthony divorce? Multiple jabs at X Factor? Get cracking.