Oh, for the long-lost days of 2001 when TRL was a tweenage magnet and New York tourist trap, when Carson Daly had a discernible pulse and when--actually, we're not entirely nostalgic for the days of gossip about Mariah Carey's emotional troubles, one of the saddest rites of passage that pop culture prescribes its divas. But it is July 19, 2011, which means it's the one-year anniversary of Carey's infamous surprise appearance on the show with an ice cream truck to push around, a shirt to take off and a lot to say about using the show as therapy.

As infamous appearances go, it's actually kind of endearing a decade later, what with its lack of drama and surfeit of ice cream and kids just happy to catch a glimpse of anyone famous to make their NYC sojourn worth it. This doesn't make it any less bizarre to watch. And if you haven't, you might want to get on that, below.