Can you believe Jennifer Lopez's first solo single was as long ago as 1999? Well, OK, sure--you probably could. Let's try this: can you believe that means she's had a pop career, as defined in chart position and/or headlines, for more than 10 years? That's admirable. It's so admirable, she's getting a greatest-hits compilation out of it. About time!

No, really: it is about time. Even before her comeback with Love?, and even if you only include "On the Floor" from that album cycle (if you've got a case for "I'm Into You" or "Papi" as among her best, we'd love to hear it, because we have no idea what it'd be) J.Lo had a more-than-respectable run of singles, one that almost any pop artist would envy.

There's no tracklisting yet for the album, nor are there any details on bonus material except that Tricky Stewart and The-Dream might be involved. (To be fair, that's historically been a good detail.) In lieu of that, here are our picks for J.Lo's top singles, in order from best to work, presented as an EP's worth of YouTube links. Get used to this format! In 2030, all greatest-hits compilations will be assembled via YouTube with maybe a business card you can print out as physical proof you've got it, and if you want an actual CD it'll cost $80 and have to be scrounged up from the black market in Belgium on the nineteenth page of Google results.

(Oh, and if you're looking for "Jenny from the Block," nope, sorry. We've got to stay real with this judgment; to us it's like breathing. And if you're looking for "Louboutins," you are made of straw, ears and all.)

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