The virtual travel diary has become a staple in hip-hop music videos, from looks at the dark and gritty lost Amsterdam weekend to the big-budget, globe-trotting clip meant to make the rest of us feel bad about flying coach. J. Cole joins in on the trend, just in time for summer vacation, with a look back at all the miles he picked up while touring in support of his major label debut. "Sideline Story" takes us across Europe, with footage from his international shows, as well as shots of him and his crew playing cards—with a case of Heineken as the entry fee, natch—and Foosball backstage, while also finding the time to do their own laundry. Barreling through cities like Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen and London, it's good ol' Paris where Jermaine can finally take a moment to let it all sink in. Looking down on the world below he catches a much needed breather after climbing the many steps to le Sacre Couer á Montmartre—a hefty feat—giving us a small helping of schmaltz and a large dose of travel envy. Watch below.