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Check Out Newly Released Demos from 17 Year Old J-Dilla

In these previously unreleased demos from J-Dilla, the then 17 year old producer explores the sounds that would become his signature.

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IN the latest episode of the Boiler Room podcast, the hosts listen to previously unreleased demos from the legendary producer J-Dilla.

The files have been pulled directly from J-Dilla's MPC, which, for those of you not in-the-know, is the tool that most producers use to put their samples and sounds together.

The podcast focuses on J-Dilla's 2001 album "Welcome 2 Detroit" and is called, aptly, "Welcome 2 Detroit Dissected." Host Amp Fiddler discusses in depth all the present elements that make up one of the previously unheard beat. You can truly hear the seeds of what would become the signature J-Dilla style that has influenced not only every rapper that JD worked with but also scores of producers, most notably, a legend in his own right, MF Doom.

The first unreleased track plays at 3:30, then another at 4:30, then at 6:00, and finally we have the in-depth analysis at the 27 minute mark.

Check out "Welcome 2 Detroit Dissected" from the Boiler Room below:

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