J-pop Diva Koda Kumi Channels Beyonce In New Music Video

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J-pop and K-pop stars are notorious for ripping off popular Western acts. In many cases they end up improving whatever they copied, so nobody really minds too much, but sometimes the source material is so perfect that no matter how great the artist is, they just can't top the original.

Take J-pop diva, Koda Kumi, who's clearly channelling Beyonce's "Single Ladies" in her new music video, "Show Me Your Holla." Kumi takes an almost identical approach to Bey's famous vid, dancing in black & white with two backup dancers to old-school Broadway-style choreography with a modern, twerk-able twist.

Kumi did a good job, but she can't beat Bey. Or should we say, Kumi can't beat Bob Fosse, who was actually the original inspiration for "Single Ladies"?

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