J-Pop Superstar Crystal Kay Comes To America With 'Rule Your World'

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When it comes to culturally-diverse pop stars, they don't come much more variegated than Crystal Kay. The 28-year-old is a half-Korean, half-African-American songstress who just happens to be a huge pop star in Japan and is now trying to make it in the States.

Crystal's rich background shines through in her English-language music, such as her recent single "Dum Ditty Dumb," which mixed club-ready American hip-hop beats with Japanese shamisen riffs. Her latest single, "Rule Your World," follows a similar pattern, with a moody urban-pop groove that's interrupted by the kind of tongue-in-cheek Japanese rap break that would probably get Avril Lavigne in deep trouble.

It's on iTunes and Spotify now, so pick up a copy if you wanna help Crystal Kay on her quest to crack America.