J-pop Trio Perfume Goes Dubstep On New Single, "Sweet Refrain"

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Perfume is a pretty big deal here at Popdust. Not only did you guys vote the techno-pop trio today's greatest J-pop band, you also helped them set the all-time record in our Pop-Off when you voted for their hit, "Magic of Love," over 3 million times. Yup, Perfume definitely has some hardcore fans, and we're one of them!

Less than a month after the release of their last studio album, LEVEL3, Perfume's already preparing to release their next single, "Sweet Refrain." It sees the group heading into a new direction by adding heavy dubstep wibbles and wobbles to their signature electro-pop sound. Instead of shoving the brostep beats into an obnoxious drop or breakdown like their producer, Yasutaka Nakata, did on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Invader Invader," it's slipped in on the pre-chorus and then pulled back -- it sounds quite serious and foreboding, which makes it extra unexpected when Perfume flies into a twinkly bubblegum hook.

"Sweet Refrain" is currently being used as the theme song for season 2 of the popular Japanese drama series, Toshi Densetsu no Onna, so hopefully the added exposure will help sales when the single officially hits stores on November 27.

Check out "Sweet Refrain" and its official cover art, below!