Rather than going out in style during his final days before beginning a two-year prison sentence, Ja Rule sought refuge in nature during the shoot for his new video "Spun A Web," the song which borrows a its title and hook from Coldplay's "Trouble." After a worthy introduction to the "film" by Jonathan Andrade ("An opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance…bitch") Ja begins to adjust the life that awaits him, one that's without all the luxuries of fame he's been accustomed to—cribs, cars, champagne and bitches, specifically—while explaining that he's in a better place. Taking the opportunity to air his grievances, Ja reminds us that he'll be in prison—and we should fee sad—but that Pain Is Love 2 is still happening, so plan accordingly. He leaves us with a lasting image of white Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs, which will take awhile to fade from our memory banks. Stay strong, Ja!