Earlier today, Jaden Smith—son of Fresh Prince Will Smith and Wicked Wisdom singer Jada Pinkett Smith, and brother to Willow—dropped a track on his YouTube. "Kite" not only rips a page out of the pop scion's younger sibling's diary; she supplies the hook on the track, which reaches Drake levels of sounding sad about life while being surrounded by riches and (presumably age-appropriate) women.

This is the second bummed-out track released by a Smith sibling in 2013. Last week, Willow, under the name Arbre Mort, posted the gloomy lament "Sugar And Spice" to SoundCloud; the song eventually fell victim to a game of Copyright Whack-A-Mole, but "Kite" fills its void. Jaden's monotone rap is clearly inspired by Aubrey Graham's more tortured offerings, defiantly bragging of being "so cool you could call me Alaskan" and speaking of a love for whom he broke curfew. Meanwhile, Willow takes on an accent that seems to be sourced from somewhere between Eastern Europe and a Vampire Diaries outtake, speaks of intergalactic chases to track down her man, then declares, "Lil mama got bars." (Presumably she is talking about herself here, and not the lip gloss-wielding Lil Mama, whose signature single "Lip Gloss" dropped when Willow was only seven years old.)

It's morose but not as much of a downer as "Sugar And Spice," although this could largely be because at one point Jaden, while looking for a new woman in which to drown his sorrows, rhymes "tight bikini" with "panini." Yes, the grilled sandwich. Could this be an awkward homage to his father, who managed to stick an entire McDonald's drive-through order into the flow of his breakthrough hit "Parents Just Don't Understand"?