Jaden Smith's Tweets Analyzed—From A Jungian Perspective

He's an A-list celeb-u-spawn. He's spoiled. He's precocious. He's bratty. He's entitled.

He's actor/rapper Jaden Smith—the offspring of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett—and, have no doubt, the muther fucking fucker is deep…. real, real deep…

After intrepidly rifling through, and painstakingly discarding the layers of obvious, spoiled, bratty, entitlement, Popdust's (kind-of-maybe-not-really-let's-face-it) psychiatric expert, Dr. Mick Coppin, has determined that Jaden is suffering from a possible myriad of diagnoses.

In his (totally, obviously not real) expert opinion, Dr. (cough cough!) Mick Coppin opines that Jaden's tweets reveal a psycho-babble diagnosed disturbing pattern that could possibly (but not likely, really) point to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and a rapidly metastasizing douchebagitis.

Here are the good (ie: completely made-up) doctor's carefully formed (ie: totally invented) findings….

FYI: Jaden Smith is NOT Dead