We'd like to tell James Franco to get a life, except he has a life—one much busier, more prolific and (presumably) much more interesting and satisfying than ours, at that. Yet, he still somehow seems to find the time every couple of months to do something as absolutely silly as this. Franco has filmed a quasi-remake of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video—like his lip dub for Selena Gomez's "Call Me Maybe," with maybe 75% more effort, and 175% less relevance. (Seriously, the "Boyfriend" video came out what, seven years ago? Eight?)

In the video, Franco lip synchs the song in silhouette, with his Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson—a bud of Bieb's former flame Selena Gomez's and an ex of Bieb's since-discarded Swag Coach Ryan Good, for whatever either of those pieces of information is worth—caressing him from various angles, and occasionally doing some booty popping for no real reason. (Both versions of the Bieber video were not nearly so PG-13-rated.) There's also a lot of flashlight pointing. You can probably guess how most of it goes, really.

One (further) criticism of this totally unnecessary and only-funny-in-its-total-unnecessariness video: James Franco's portrayal of Bieber with the baseball cap and the shaggy hair nearly covering his eyes. That's like what, six Justin Bieber looks ago? Get with the pop times, Franco.