James Franco In Cornrows, Singing Selena Gomez

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One might think James Franco would turn his nose up at a former Disney star who has yet to graduate from one elite university, let alone four, but the Oscar nominee is surprisingly open when it to meeting younger, greener colleagues. If anything, hanging around the undergraduate-aged set allows for more opportunities to practice his T.A.-ing. The actor, perpetual student and occasional experimental performance artist seems to be enamored with his Spring Breakers costar Selena Gomez, enough to declare his like for her in public, and through song. Behold "Random Franco," in which the Freaks and Geeks star mouths along to Gomez's 2011 hit "Love You Like A Love Song" with no fear of impending social suicide. Even fictional spring breaks do weird things to people. Appreciate the praise all you want, S, but be wary of letting him influence your next album—that is if you decide to make one at all.

As for the cornrows? That's so Franco. All he needs to do is grab four marginally talented friends, maintain that hairstyle and he's got himself a boy band. Watch below.

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