Remember how Jamie-Lynn Spears, Britney's sister, was going to try to have a country career? Remember how that made sense, considering "try to have a country career" is an important stage in all pop stars' lives--not to mention an important stage in many blonde Mississippi girls' lives? You are either a Spears fan, then, or someone with rather stunning musical institutional memory. Either way, there's video now from a Nashville show Thursday, and you can watch below.

As country ballads go, "I Look Up To You" is as simple as it gets (at least live), and a line like "they took your innocence" probably was going to show up somewhere, in some state, for a song about Britney. It certainly means the song's probably not a Father's Day tribute, at least. Maybe someday, a few years and management changes and X Factor seasons later, Britney and Jamie-Lynn might sing it together.