Jared Leto Wants To Tap Game Of Thrones' Khaleesi's Sweet, Sweet Dothraki Ass

Okay, he won a Golden Globe and all, but is it just me or is Jared Leto kind of being a ball de fromage (that's French for cheese ball) at the SAG awards Saturday with Emilia Clarke?

If you missed his red carpet come on to the Game of Thrones actress, you can enjoy every awkward moment of it here:

Homeboy could do with brushing up his pick up game....

He starts off strong.. going straight in for a hug...

Then he fails— kicking it off with a neg:

"I haven't seen your show…."

I mean, has he been consulting with Mystery?

Then he moves on to her eyes. (real original)

And fumbles while effusing about how "golden and blue and oh my Go.." they are.

"Have you looked into her eyes? They're absooolutey insane!"

Then, he goes hardcore....trying to introduce her to his mom.

She quickly makes her excuse and leaves......

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