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Jarryd James Releases Soulful Track "Slow Motion"

His latest hypnotic track compels more than a casual listen.

The Australian singer-songwriter released more of his sleek blends of electronic and R&B music in "Slow Motion."

Co-written and produced by Joel Little (Khalid, 6lack), the track is an evocative ode to a lost love. James' rich vocals glide over the dark beats: "I need love / I need to feel more of your love / Higher powers couldn't keep me from you." The emotional weight of James' soulful voice is complemented by the pulsing rhythm, and the song becomes elegiac: "But the sun is still shining on me / And the moon is in the sky where you are / So you better be praying for me / That I make it home alive."

James says of the track's inspiration, "It's a song about being away from my wife and always being in a different time zone," he explains. "It might be nighttime where I am, and it's daytime where she is. The whole situation takes a toll on you when you travel as much as I do. It's pretty taxing living in Australia and trekking to the United States so often. From there, the song just fell out of me as a natural discussion of how I felt."

The 34-year-old has seen rising success since releasing his debut solo track "Do You Remember" in 2015. Garnering over 90 million streams worldwide and over 13 million YouTube views, James creates soulful electropop with cross-genre appeal. "Slow Motion" is only the first release off his upcoming project. The hypnotic track compels more than a casual listen, as its themes of love, faith, and loss convey authentic emotion: "I never let you go / Never let you go / Even when I can't see straight / Even when I lose my faith."

Slow Motion

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