The Voice winner Javier Colon hasn't exactly been inescapable on the radio in the months since his victory. We haven't even gotten the rush-job promo album details that American Idol's winners and not-winners-but-let's-make-them-a-thing-anyways have gotten multiple times already. What we have gotten, however: a guest acting spot on an NBC show. What synergy!

The benefactor of this career tidbit? The Playboy Club, which is basically Mad Men without all that heavy social critique and which has apparently installed a revolving door for musicians turned actors playing more legendary versions of themself. Stunt casting, basically--their words, not ours. If Broadway star Laura Benanti and former 3LW member Naturi Naughton as regulars wasn't stuntworthy enough, the show's already gotten Colbie Caillat--possibly pop's least likely singer to be associated with Playboy--to play Lesley Gore and sing "It's My Party" and Raphael Saadiq to play Sam Cooke and sing "We're Having a Party." According to Billboard, Roy Orbison and possibly Frank Sinatra are next. We'd much rather listen to a Javier Colon album, honestly, than watch the show just to see him, but you take what YouTube can bring you.