Kanye West took what he believes is his rightful place among the world's most beautiful people, at the taping of the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show in New York on Wednesday night. Wearing the latest Versace for H&M design, West worked to enthuse an otherwise quiet crowd with his performance of "Stronger," dodging in and out of the paths of towering female models who were simply trying to keep their balance while being weighed down by various futuristic wings. The venue's mood did a complete 180 when West invited his big brother Jay-Z onto the makeshift stage for their Watch The Throne collaboration "Ni--as In Paris," which, following two nights at Madison Square Garden and four total shows in the NYC area, they have now performed live roughly 238 times. Still, even the buttoned-up, couture crowd couldn't resist jumping out of their seats to shout how "cray" the various shit in front of them was. Will Ferell has a point. Knowing Kanye is not fearful of the spotlight and has done the runway thing before, Jay-Z urged him the take advantage of the opportunity presented before them. "We here, we might as well walk it," he said casually, before making a fashionable exit. Like all good YouTube footage, the video below ends with a highly appropriate "Oh my God."

The Victoria's Secret fashion won't air until November 29, so get your sneak peek below.

[Nah Right]