Brace yourselves: Jay-Z and Kanye West's seizure-inducing video for "Ni--as In Paris" has finally arrived. Now we all get to feel like we were a part of Watch The Throne tour! Pieced together with footage from their recent live shows, namely the schoolboy euphoria that came with playing "Paris" again and again (and again) for insatiable crowds, Jay and 'Ye's royal status gets amplified through the use of close-ups and kaleidoscope visuals. Once merely towering over their dedicated fans who hung on every word, here they're duplicated so that they can be in two places at once: leading the crowd in diamond-throwing from one side of the arena, while appreciating the model types who writhe about in agreement on the other. Double the Yeezy, double the fun! (Luckily, his detestable "bathroom stall" lyric gets no further illustration.) But just when you think they've opted to ignore the City of Lights entirely for the convenience of American arenas, we're transported to Notre Dame, where snarling panthers patiently await their masters' arrival. Justice is further served when Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory makes his brief, yet welcomed, appearance. You've waited long enough. Now that we're here, it's only right that we be fair: watch, and get pumped up all over again, below.