Yesterday he went on a Twitter spree, today he went on a live performance spree. What's future sprees could he have up his sleeve?

Looking fresh-to-death in a white collared button down and a gold chain accent piece, Jay-Z spent his day at NYC's Pace Gallery performing Magna Carta Holy Grail tune "Picasso Baby" (which contains the memorable line "Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner/Go ‘head and lean on it Blue, you own it."). For six hours straight, Hova moved through the space, rapping and dancing and dancing and rapping. At one point, Marina Abramovic—the world's most famous performance artist—semi-awkwardly joined in on the jollity.



All this is supposedly for an upcoming music video. Still, you ought to keep your eyes peeled, folks. Never know where or when Jay-Z's next spree might be...