In addition to making his final night at Brooklyn's Barclays Center accessible for those without tickets and surprising everyone watching both at home and in the building with one very special guest, Jay-Z showed his support for New York's public transportation system on Saturday.


Jay-Z rode the R train from Canal Street to Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center before his final night of his eight-show swing through BK. Escorted by a few burly-looking security guards and a plain-clothed cop, Jay received cheers of "Brook-lyn" while making his way to the platform and managed to chat a few people up and smile for photos during the awkward wait time for the train's arrival. As veteran riders, usually we assume crowds like this mean something terrible has happened, so we can understand why those around him suddenly reverted back to age 12 and attempted to do anything and everything they could to get his attention. It's Jay-Z! Riding the subway! Take that, silly friends who only use cabs. Expect Riding in Subways with Hov to be at bookstores near you this holiday season.


Not fazed by the line being one of the last to get renovated, Jay takes an available seat he sees and begins a conversation with the older woman to his right, as flashbulbs continue for the duration of his eight stops. Once across the river in Brooklyn, Jay emerged from the underground and assuming the role of a pseudo pied piper, accumulating additional followers with every step he takes towards the Barclays doors. From there, you know how the rest of his evening went.



We're sure New York's MTA appreciates your business, Jay. Now just let us know what your weekday commute is like so we can plan our's accordingly. Nothing is too out of the way for a little Hov-spotting.